If you are a legal person and wish to receive an invoice, contact us by an email: info@siguldaadventures.com. Whistler Bungee has a policy requiring anyone with symptoms of cold and flu, such as sore throat, fever, sneezing, or coughing to self-isolate at home for 10 days after onset of symptoms, as well as anyone advised by public health to self-isolate. Add to Likebox #105280715 - Bungee jumping from book. That’s right, come jump in the snow!! Tandem Skydiving Jumps Prague. Similar Images . Yes, you can! This is a special offer in a honour of Latvia’s Centenary. You have two following possibilities of jumping: Bungee jump: leg jump, chest jump or tandem jump. Your feet will be attached to a large elastic band and strapped to a security harness. Date of experience: August 2019. However, more modern couples are choosing to participate in naked bungee jumping to show their devotion to one another. You can buy a gift card in our website www.siguldaadventures.com, after the payment, receiving the gift card electronically in the provided e-mail. At a towering height of 370.25 m, the Balin or Balinghe Bridge is … Bungee jumping and BASE jumping off this bridge are only legal during the 3 day event of the GoFast! Not after the heart-stopping head rush of a traditional vertical style? Click the button below to update it and start using our website. A tandem bungee jumping swing is also available. You’ll jump HIGH at Sky Zone Toronto, wheth… We will get back to you as soon as possible in the next few hours. The first commercial bungee jump in South Africa, the Gouritz bridge was a 65m jump - which was ideal for beginners or first-timers. Yes, both activities are safe. FLYING CENTER - Helicopter sightseeing - Heliskiing - Airplane sightseeing - UL and Gyrocopter - Glider flight - Oldtimer flight - Taxi flight - Feeling of flying - Flight simulator - Ballooning - Tandem Paragliding - Tandem Hang gliding - Tandem Skydiving - Bodyflying. The jump is just fantastic. Baling Bridge Bungee Jump, China. Both of you – parent and You must take with you an identification document, which confirms your relationship. The price for the tandem bungee jump is 105 EUR. It does not mean that you will be jumping separately on different cords. from €43 next . Bungee Jumping is a thrilling activity where you tie a huge elastic bungee cord to your ankles and jump off from a high structure such as a bridge or crane. Fear is usually what causes the most discomfort during the course of the activity. On site it is possible to hire a video camera with an arm fastening and/or a helmet with the camera fastening, in order to record the jump in video. The basic systems are doubled, which excludes the instructor’s possible human error. Glad I did this. It has been described as the closest thing you will get to human flight. Saut du haut du barrage du Verzasca comme dans le film, Bungee jumping from the Verzasca Dam (220 m.), Your activity Bungee jumping from the Verzasca Dam (220 m.). before your scheduled jump. If your weight is less than 35 kg, you can jump in a tandem with an adult. Video files are NOT to be sent by e-mail. Une première qui me laissera un très bon souvenir. All participants must weigh between 45 kg. Redwood Forest Trees by Bungee Adventures in Humboldt, California . Share. One tandem bungee jump with certificate; Insurance; Hero GoPro “Selfie Movie” on 4gb Micro-SD with Adapter; When you and your mates have all gone through your jumps, we’ll head back in our air-condition Ludih Bus. Minimum weight for a person to perform the Bungee jumping individually is 35 kg. A tandem jump is simply a jump where two people go together, usually tethered together, facing each other. continue reading show less. Take into account that if your weight is less than 35 kg, you must jump in a tandem with an adult. This particular bungee jumping swing is like few others and one which leaves participants grinning from ear to ear. mammut.ch. That scene from the James Bond film GoldenEye made the Verzasca Dam and the bungee jump from it one of the world's most famous jumps. Yes, you can jump with a bungee individually, if your weight is from 35 kg – 200 kg. If you are planning to purchase a video, please, take with you USB memory card or you will be able to buy it on site. Skills – Strength: 1, Balance: 1, Flexibility: 1, Agility: 1, Coordination: 1 Time needed: travelling time + 1 hour, Cost to try: £50. The jump itself was a blast even in the rain! Tandem bungee jump in Warsaw... Editorial. If you have booked a jump, please arrive at least 15 – 20 minutes before the booked jumping time – on site you must sign an agreement, listen to instructions and put on safety systems. Beim Klettern befindet sich normalerweise ziemlich viel Seil zwischen dem Stürzenden und dem Sicherungspartner, das den Sturz weich abfängt, vergleichbar einem Bungeesprung. In Ticino, Switzerland you'll be able to jump from a height of 220 m right into the void in Verzasca Dam. Un saut vraiment sensationnel, vraiment magique. We are all in this together! The Bungee Jumping in a tandem includes a simultaneous jump for two persons, when both are tied up to one safety bungee. For groups of 5 persons and more, special openings during the above mentioned season can be organised. Da fare. Pure Adrenaline . The background is blue. Bungee jumping in a city full of skyscrapers is a must-try when in Dubai. The Bungee Jumping is available from spring till autumn. You can even share this experience with your partner, family or friends! Bedste oplevelse nogensinde! Details of the Bungee Jump at the Victoria Falls, Zambia / Zimbabwe. (Sadly, the Gouritz River Bridge operation was closed a few years ago). Your message has been successfully sent. There is obviously some primitive expression of sexuality in this type of event. So good, well worth it. If you haven’t booked your jump in any of specific jumping times, arriving here you will be able to join for a jump in any of particular wagon ride, but if all the spaces are occupied, you will have to wait until 23:00 for an additional ride. Having the scene from Golden Eye in mind, the view into the Verzasca valley, ... what shall I say ... awesome. You may have seen this activity done on TV – it was on The Amazing Race Canadalast year for example (though in Saskatoon). Minors must have their parents consent. There is no minimum age limit but the minimum weight is a requirement. and 115 kg. Response from OutdoorInterlaken, Adventure Specialist at Bungee Jumping in Stockhorn. Helpful. Une magnifique activité à faire une fois dans sa vie ! If you are under 18, it is necessary that one of your parents arrives with you to sign an agreement. mammut.ch. CAVING. Just like a tattoo : when you do your first time, it is hard not to do it again a second after you leave the studio, Super fantastica e personale disponibile e molto simpatico, Macht Spass, wenn man die Angst überwindet, I can only recommend this jump, if you dare ;), one ot the best experience ever - Top Team - I will be back one day, Un'esperienza fantastica! In Australia you can bungee jump at 10 years old! Dieser Bungee Jump ist einfach der Wahnsinn, ein unglaubliches Gefühl! If a person is under 18 years, she/he must arrive together with any of parents or legal guardian, which shall sign an agreement on service use on behalf of a minor person. In the UK, the age is 14 but in the United States there is no legislation. The Bungee Jumping includes instructions, safety equipment, ride with a Cable car and a jump from it for one person. Today, you can bungee jump almost anywhere, from Kathmandu to Costa Rica, Chile to Colorado. Hosted by Outdoor Interlaken, the Stockholm bungee in the Swiss Alps is one of the most unusual and magnificent sites for a jump in the world. Paradise view, amazing crew, adrenaline shock and safety. Also, a jumpmaster and outdoor specialists will be with you so make sure everything goes as plan and you can jump in complete safety. The bungee jumping is safe, as it is operated by qualified specialists. A tandem bungee jump brings people closer together. Are bungee jumping and the RIPRIDE zipline safe? The exception is a strong thunder and storm, which might affect the operation of the “Sigulda Aerial Cableway”. Add to Likebox #99145123 - Jump off a cliff into a canyon with a rope. Take the plunge and go bungee jumping in this beautiful place and have one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life here in Rishikesh! On the day we were supposed to bungee jump it was cold and raining, and I was skeptical about jumping in such weather conditions but the organizers (Outdoor Interlaken) were confident that it is perfectly safe. The inventory is regularly replaced and checked. Price: USD 499 per jump. Brilliantly organised and reassuring staff who talked us through the whole thing. Since 1992 we have given an opportunity to fulfil this one of the most memorable adventures in a life time in a safe way already for more than 100 000 people. Similar Images . This is a very simplistic overview of how it works: The bungee operators will weigh you both twice to calculate how much cord will need to be let out during the jump. In most countries, bungee jumpers under 18 will need written parental consent. All the systems are created with a durability coefficient at least 7 times. Walk up to the cafeteria and enjoy watching your photographs & video of the jump. Jumping in a tandem, the total weight of you both must not exceed 200 kg. Whether you jump on your own, tandem, or in a wheelchair, Whistler Bungee will give you an unforgettable experience for adrenaline seekers of all ages. All the gift cards, which are purchased in 2018, are valid for 100 years. For the most extreme experience, bungee jumping could be your thing. You can either do the bungee jump first or you can do the rafting first. Swing jump: giant swing with the experience of the free fall and weightlessness. Feel the blitz of pure fear and adrenaline during the free fall that lasts five seconds. The jump was incredible, the views were amazing and the town is really cute. Make it Bigger. Fuaaaa like we say in Argentina "se va a la bosta" it's so far the best ******* experience in my life... Hammer Location, kompetentes Team und ein super Gefühl, was man sicher einmal erlebt haben sollte. Einfach ein geiler Event, Aufregung, Spannung, Spass, Adrinalin pur und eine super coole Crew!! To find out about the period of a planned season, please contact us by e-mail info@siguldaadventures.com or by phone +(371) 2838 3333. Games, which are by invitation only. Bungee jumping isn't readily available in Alberta, Canada, though one extreme sports facility is set to start offering the experience in the near future. Every day we are working with positively “crazy” customers and we like to look crazy, too. Gravity Zone is Dubai's first permanent bungee operator and takes you as high as 50 meters from where you will free fall! LŪDZU ŅEM VĒRĀ: Ja Tava lēciena laikā jau ir ārā ir satumsis, tad video filmēšana nebūs iespējama, pat, ja esi to iepriekš iegādājies šeit vai iepriekš. A tandem jump works exactly the same as a solo bungee jump aside from there being two of you on the one cord. Maximum weight for a jumper – 200 kg. Best experience ever! We … Read more. Remember that epic scene in James Bond: GoldenEye with the amazing bungee jump? Go full throttle as you jump down from our 70-metre tower cantilevered over a river adjacent to a 50 m cliff in Hemja, located 20 minutes away from Lakeside in Pokhara. Jumpers do not feel any physical pain or significant discomfort during the course of the jump. During the summer school holidays in July and August, it's open from Wednesday through to Sunday, afternoons. Bungee jumping is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world. Add to Likebox #92908496 - A man jumps into a canyon from a cliff. The total weight of both persons must not exceed 200 kg. The rafting is a whole day event and the bungee jumping is about a two hour event on a separate day. BUNGEE JUMPING. Since 1998 LGK Grupa has developed a safety program, which has been approved by experts. Would jump there again if I go back! from €39 next . ! Update now, Trekking Team, Diga Verzasca (Verzasca Dam), 6596 Gordola, Switzerland, 10% off all activities from Nov. 27 to 30, 1) Cancellation 10 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date. Latitude Challenge manages to offer the best bungee jumping experience in France thanks to the set up that launches you… Depending on your level of experience (whether you've already done bungee before), you can jump in the traditional way: head first (first timers) or with your back facing the drop (experienced jumpers)! 98 reviews. Tandem Bungee option is now available. The price of a tandem jumping includes instructions, safety equipment, ride with a Cable car and a simultaneous jump from it for both persons. Responded Oct 9, 2019. Our technologies and inventory are developed strictly observing the standards of mountain climbing and dangerous equipment with a safety reserve of 7-20 times. Take into account that if you have made a booking for a “live queue” and we are unable to reach you by phone or you have provided a wrong phone number, the working day is closed with the arrival of last customers. If on a day, when is planned your jump, there is rain and thunderstorm, please contact us in order to clarify the situation: +371 2838 3333. Usually in the wagon there are up to 12 jumpers, the sequence of jumpers is determined by instructors according to the weight categories. That scene from the James Bond film GoldenEye made the Verzasca Dam and the bungee jump from it one of the world's most famous jumps. After the jumping it is possible to view the video in administration premises and to buy it. An exact season opening and closing time depends on the weather conditions. We are working until the last customer. Taking the plunge can now be applied to more than just marriage! Posto bellissimo. The most adventurous poeple can practice the 80 feet bungee jumping from an old bridge overlooking the Colorado River near Grecia in the province of Alajuela. Imagine yourself jumping off of a platform that high, while your front is facing the grand city of Dubai way below you. After the Jump, the Jumpers are lowered down to a drop zone in the river which has only 2 ft of water. Safely and perfectly tied to your ankle, jump from a 160 feet high platform in this bungee jumping activity. Indulge in this enthralling and adrenaline filled bungee jumping activity in Dubai. Price is $274.50 + tx. mammut.ch. For night jumps, a minimum of 10 jumpers is required. Because of the relatively low height of this jump, tandem jumps were possible. People also like. What's Included? mammut.ch. The height of a jump above the river Gauja is 43m. IN WINTER SWING . Slip into agent 007's shoes and experience the amazing rush that bungee jumping can offer. Dubai bungee jumping offers you an enthralling experience of jumping from a height of whopping 160 feet. In Ticino, Switzerland you'll be able to jump from a height of 220 m right into the void in Verzasca Dam. Why Bungee Jump. Vector. It’s an indoor trampoline park where you jump, get fit, and have a blast with sexy young folks. Sharing the experience, the thrill, and the fear, will give you something to talk about for weeks and months to come, and leave a memory you will never forget for the rest of your life. While visiting Sevilla, enjoy the experience of bungee jumping over a local lake. Whistler Bungee Bridge . The total weight of both persons must not exceed 200 kg. Shooting Programs Prague. Overview: Sky Zone bills itself as ‘the world’s first trampoline park’. In the tandem jump two persons are jumping at the same time with one bungee. When a bungee jumper visits a redwood … The Bungee Jumping in a tandem includes a simultaneous jump for two persons, when both are tied up to one safety bungee. Details. Physically, bungee jumping is a smooth process with a gradual deceleration. Would recomment to anyone looking for some adrenaline... No picture or video can explain the feeling I had when I did it. It was absolutely amazing! Jump Masters flown in from New Zealand to operate the Bungee. Take the leap of faith with a bungy jump experience in Pokhara, Nepal At HighGround Adventures we have combined two awesome activities at one panoramic site to provide Nepal’s most complete adventure experience. !!! The total time of activity depends on which jumper in a row you will be. No personal camera will be allowed during the jump for safety reasons. The price of a tandem jumping includes instructions, safety equipment, ride with a Cable car and a simultaneous jump from it for both persons. Bungee Sigulda is the unique place in Europe, where jumps with a bungee are taken from the cable car. We can make jokes on anything, but your safety is taken seriously. Tandem Bungee @ Killiecrankie. This bungee setup even makes it possible to jump tandem with a friend, with two bungee lines placed next to each other. If you’re not sure to do it alone you then a friend can take the plunge along with you in this tandem bungee jump. In case you get thirsty, don’t worry your group can get a beer at the lakeside bar. The "tandem bungee" is good for newlyweds or lovebirds intending to show off their bravery. By the way, jumping from the Verzasca Dam is considered one of the best stunts ever! *It is possible to copy a video file in USB memory card purchased on site or taken with you.